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    Needed: host with customer service

    Hi I need a host who understands what customer service is. I just signed up with a host who sent me his intitial information email and keeps referring to it when I ask him a question.

    Here's what I'm looking for:

    * Responsive, _helpful_ customer service
    * About $10 per month
    * 100 Mg + storage
    * SQL
    * No sign up fee or contract



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    Welcome to WHT skystar.

    Post a request in the requests forum if you are looking for a specific quote

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    Take a look at my post in this thread, Then check out there forum, You will find your answer best of luck Renegade

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    There are a few good hosts out there with good customer service. The problem is that they may be not be the selling web space for $3.00 per month. Your price of $10 per month is reasonable, but find out if the web hosting company has a free trial or money back guarantee for a certain period of time--that way you can see what service is really like.
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    skystar - maybe your questions aren't clearly stated... It is costumary to refer to previouse letters/e-mails if a question is repeated. Internet and hosting is very much done over e-mails, forums/chats and helpdesks. IM and ICQ is also very popular. If that makes you uncomfortable, you might have to pay more to get phonesupport and make sure they live in your general area.

    Hope it helps you
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    I have in web design business 3 years now and located 2 years ago. They are the best, but problem with them is there cost when comes to getting database. I have recently started using with some success over the last few months.

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    I recently moved to and have been very pleased with their customer service.
    I send them an e-mail describing the problem and they send me an e-mail back telling me how to fix it or telling me that they've fixed it. Rarely takes more than an hour or two and often 5 minutes or less.
    I've got a reseller account, but they also offer regular hosting. Very good prices, particularly for what they offer. Speed has been fantastic.
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    I had to post in this thread because it was funny, it's sort of like an SOS call, LOL!

    I feel your pain Skystar..
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    Take a look at:

    Absolutely superb support, and excellent specs, too. Quality-only bandwidth, as well.

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