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    Feathers Fly in Telekom Bandwidth Comparison

    Broadband promised to unite the world with super-fast data delivery - but in South Africa it seems the web is still no faster than a humble pigeon.

    A Durban IT company pitted an 11-month-old bird armed with a 4GB memory stick against the ADSL service from the country's biggest web firm, Telkom.

    Winston the pigeon took two hours to carry the data 60 miles - in the same time the ADSL had sent 4% of the data.

    Telkom said it was not responsible for the firm's slow internet speeds.

    According to Winston's website there were strict rules in place to ensure he had no unfair advantage. They included "no cats allowed" and "birdseed must not have any performance-enhancing seeds within".
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    I remember hearing about this over the radio. They did the same competition last year as far as I know and the bird had also won that round.

    It will be interesting to see what next year's competition results will be considering needed FIFA infrastructure, etc.
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    I read this on the BBC, I was quite impressed but I did find it quite funny. The telecoms company then tried to blame the client's server set up, which I also found amusing.

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    Thats the same with every ISP.

    They always blame you unless you can offer clear evidence to the tech that it is their problem.

    For example..we had a T1 installed at a location, and every day for an hour or so, the T1 would drop. Called ATT, and by the tech came out a couple hours later, the connection would be back up.

    Well this went on for about a week...lost the connection 3 days out of that week. Everytime the tech's came out, it was always..well my lines clear, and I'm not getting errors..gotta be your equipment.

    Well one day the tech was actually out there when the line dropped again, and saw a voltage spike in the line that caused the Smart Jack's to alarm.

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    Fly birdy fly!

    Winston must be a pretty fast bird, I'd buy him as my carrier pigeon.

    Nice find by the way, quite a good laugh.
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    This is of course reminiscent of sw-net from the early days of networking.


    Stationwagon networks. They figured the fastest way to move a *lot* of data across the country was to load a bunch of tape reels in a station wagon, hand the keys to a group of scientists and wave goodbye

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