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    Offshore Dedicated Servers for backups?

    Hi folks

    Its been years since I visited WHT and I've long since lost my email address and forgotten my password...nonetheless, a fresh alias is looking for a new web host.

    My company is based in South Africa and has been using for small backups (because of it's great interface and easy scalability).

    Unfortunately with our assets archive now up to 400GB, this is no longer a viable solution and so I am searching for a new solutions.

    I had looked into cloud hosting, but no cloud systems seem to offer a backup system as simple as just rsync-ing once a day. I don't want to have to script and maintain perl scripts just to backup and restore data.

    I'm interested in ease of scalability and at a reasonable cost. RAM and processor power is of no consequence to me, but disk space, reliability and cost is.

    Does anyone have any suggestions of what direction I should be looking at (not a specific host, more an idea of what type of host/package would be suitable).


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    Either get your own small server with space on it or buy some backup space from a reputable backup provider, as the environment is already setup there.
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    Have you looked at from Acunett? I think they would serve your purpose well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by equinoxza View Post
    Hi folks

    Its been years since I visited WHT and I've long since lost my email address and forgotten my password...
    Please contact us at about that
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    You can check RsyncPalace for backups. Another popular option is bqbackup. They have everything ready like rsync, rdiff etc.
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    you got 2 major options, as seen in the thread, let me put it in 2 simple lines;

    1. a backup host, which you can search around and see in this thread recommended by other people.

    2. lease a dedicated server with plenty of space and install your own backup tools ( rsync / scp / ftp / etc.. ).

    Its a question of budget, going with a ready to use backup host will cost you a bit more, but you get everything ready to go there.
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