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    cPanel sentenced to death?

    Im just wondering, on how many people actually say (most cloud defenders) that shared hostings are eventually come to an end.

    As Parallels is moving into Cloud as well, I wonder what will happen with cPanel is this is true.

    Will cPanel be a control panel for low budget host and most people are going to prefer cloud hostings? Or you think they are going to make a major turn around and maybe partner with a virtualization technology like Citrix or VmWare to move their control panel into the cloud?

    What do you think? Please only share opinions that build a constructive chit chat as this is serious.

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    I don't see the basic concept of shared hosting disappearing -- just evolving instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orien View Post
    I don't see the basic concept of shared hosting disappearing -- just evolving instead.
    Well yes, it depends on what you define with shared. Cloud hosting is actually shared as well and even leased servers share a connection.

    Evolving into what?

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    I don't think shared hosting will ever end. Perhaps as we conventionally know it, it will evolve and change.

    I can see more Software as a Service providers offering extensive offerings across a "cloud". Gmail has already done this for email and to an extent has already done a lot for blogging. A lot of people still need the flexibility to create their own content but without the constraints of a walled garden environment like blogger, however. They want to setup a website quickly and simply, but without constraints - so they need a shared hosting service that gives them that ability and is easy to use.
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    I don't think cpanel will die soon. May be they will change the operating mode or something like that, with the new generation. They haven't even implemented IPv6 support yet, long to go now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PYDOT View Post
    Evolving into what?
    Cloud = proprietary and controlled by somebody else
    Shared = controlled by small/medium business or even having cpanel on your own private server.

    I just don't see cPanel (or similar) going anywhere anytime soon. If anything cloud will need to evolve more by itself before it's a real threat. As of this moment its mostly just hype.

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    No, I don't think so the shared hosting will come to and end as the client with
    small websites will definitely going to required the shared hosts. And the cpanel might will be upgraded with new look and features.
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    cpanel is already evolving and providing versions optimized for virtual private servers. I think that as "clouds" become more powerful, stable and cost-effective for nearly everyone, cpanel on dedi's will probably become less frequent and most small providers will simply start providing their cpanel services from a larger company's cloud.

    The great thing about this for the consumer will be that small hosts can focus on what they're best at (by and large) which is providing top-notch support, while leaving the hardware management in the hands of professionals. I think this type of future will be a win-win for everyone.

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    I doubt the shared hosting market is just going to drop dead, it will evolve with time like everything else.

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    i don't think so shared hosting can DIE , it will become more cheap or Cheaper but it will stay as Small blogs / Small websites / Small forums / small ** dont need Cloud or "root" access

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    Cpanel is software for hosting websites. It allow non-technical people to do things with their sites they couldn't do otherwise.

    The cloud is more of a infrastructure. The cloud itself doesn't replace cpanel, it simply allows for a new/different/better infrastructure. I don't really see how the two are directly related.

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    From the end-customer perepective... I don't think the vast majority of our customers care one way or the other.

    They simply want reliable website and email services at a decent price.. and they don't care what technology we use to provide it.

    So that being said.. I think cpanel must move into the "distributed services" field, where we can split out email, web, database servers and easily manage them.

    They must also add support for splitting of accounts based on cpu/memory utilization rather then diskspace/bandwidth.

    The day has already arrived when it's easily possible to offer hundreds GB of diskspace and bw for very very little cost... yet we have no way to actually control that on the customer facing side.

    I'd much rather offer my customers "unlimited" (haha) disk/bandwidth and put a cap on cpu/memory utilization.. then some arbitrary disk/bw limit.
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    I was at the cPanel conference in TX when they first invented it. It was a really good time!

    I was begging them for synchronized settings for all servers in a legitimate hosts arsenal. At this time, they still had cPanel for Windows on their plate, were working on a Windows "concept" (run by their Pops) the time, "Windows and cPanel was at 86% for like 5 years or so...

    Now the "cloud" and the 15 different definitions and all the SaaD fanbois are sitting here wondering what to do...

    Sorry Am A Dumbass

    "Hey everyone!!! Lets be SaaS Providers!!! That is what the magazine says to do!"

    Are there no original ideas on the Internet anymore?

    The answer is none of the above. The answer is sell what you have, buy what you want to be, or copy everyone else...

    And these forums are starting to disappoint me.

    cPanel has excellent support. Did you know that even when you are not a registered Jerk, that they actually allow you to submit a ticket, and will answer it, in a timely fashion?

    Nick, Brother, and I don't know dad other than a handshake but they are all good guys, and have been in this business before most people in this thread knew what hosting was.

    Cloud is just another buzzword. Define it, I dare you...
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    There are still million of dedicated servers for personal sites, so cpanel will still lives on :-)
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    from customer point he dosent know what is cloud he just cares about his site online 24/7. 24/7 can be achieved both is shared and cloud. so there will be no end to shared hosting.

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    I don't think cPanel will die, nor do I think the shared hosting business will fall.

    I think cPanel will continue to evolve and will become much more powerful with features which are similar to services like mobile me.
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    I can't ever recall a customer calling asking if we provide "cloud hosting" I can recall many calls asking if we provide cPanel.
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    "The cloud" is not a sentence to death for cPanel by any means. As a team, cPanel is a very intelligent group and is always planning for the future as I see it. Expect them to lead, not follow.
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