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    business directory or listing software

    i am looking for business directory or business listing software like the online yellow pages where i can list all my customer website, contact, put advertisement and a search function.

    Appreciate if anyone can let me know the open source or with resonable price one.

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    you mean you want to have a script or something like that??

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    business directory listing script

    Yes, ragavbpl
    I would like to create a business directory and classified website where i can list all my customer from A-Z base on their company name. And also a search where user can search company.

    Anyone can provide information is highly appreciated.

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    Are you willing to pay for it or you want a free script. Also you want to make it yourself or you want some1's help.

    My motive this is that I am also a web developer and if you really want to setup a professional web directory, I can surely help you.

    If you feel like having my help, do feel free to contact me either via email([email protected]) or PM me here at WHT with all details.

    I do projects as part time job so I am very cheap and my work is really of high quality.

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