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    Post Any reviews about Windows Reseller of ResellerZoom?


    I am looking for a Windows Reseller plan. Now I notice the windows reseller plan of ResellerZoom, and I have been using a Linux Reseller plan at for two months, I feel it's good for me. and I know that the jaguarpc and resellerzoom were merged .

    I wonder if there are someone who is using or ever used Windows reseller hosting ? how about the windows reseller hosting of it.

    Thank you!

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    I don't really see any review of windows reseller service from RZ customers on WHT.
    Here are some old threads related to RZ and windows reseller for your reference Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
    Reseller Hosting Cpanel PURE SSD CloudLinux Softaculous
    Windows Reseller Asp.NET 4.5 MSSQL 2012 SmarterMail Enterprise

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    Try google for reviews.

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    Give them a chance and give us your review.

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