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    Arrow Need VPS for Video Sharing Website


    Here is what I need:

    I have recently purchased a video sharing website that is running Social Media by MediaScripts. I'm going to need to transfer the entire website from the sellers host to my new server. I'm going to need you to do that transfer for me. I may not be able to get root access to the host that the website is being moved from because it's not mine, it's on his server and I dont know if he will give root access.

    My new VPS server will need to be setup in a way that will support the Social Media video sharing website so that it functions correctly. Here is a list of all the Social Media requirements and additional requirements.

    I'm going to need lots of disk space and monthly bandwidth for a great price! I've seen other offers on different websites for VPS that works with Social Media which include 75GB Hard Drive space and 1200GB monthly bandwidth for as low as $62 a month.

    Obviously, I would like more hard drive space and more monthly transfer! The more the better!

    Please post your quotes here... and also include your turn around time. I need this done FAST!

    Thank you,

    EDIT: I forgot to include that it needs to be located in the United States. It needs to be very stable with close to 100% uptime. No B.S. It needs to be a managed VPS.
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    That's reaching a bit on the higher end of a lot of VPS hosts plans that i've seen. If the budget hit is one you can take, i'd strongly suggest going for paying about $80-100 for a reputable host with big amount of space and bandwidth.

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    I want to try to stay under $70/month. The lower the better. 100GB disk space would be good. I need at least 1500GB monthly bandwidth. I need cPanel also. Needs to be managed. Someone has to set it up and transfer the other site for me including full migration.
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    That's a reasonable budget, do your research and also ask mediascripts for some recommendations.

    Good luck!
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    You can ask MediaScripts for hosting recommendation.
    Many people using their script so i am sure they know the best host solution.
    You can find VPS recommendation on VPS offer section also.

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    Another possible solution you could look at is a CDN provider.

    Then serve the content from multiple locations across the world closest to the user whos requesting the pull of the data.

    The whole thing is actually alot simpler then it sounds

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