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    For Sale: WHM AutoPilot V3 Unlimited Owned


    I am selling my WHM AutoPilot V3 - Unlimited Client Version. This license is good for Unlimited hosted accounts installed.

    The best offer above $90 will get the license.

    WHM AutoPilot is a complete web host management system that includes a feature rich product profile system, billing management and support. One of the first in the industry that provides a webhost with the ability to create 'remote' order systems so that one installation can manage multiple host websites, all with their own identities and branding, managed by a single admin area installation.

    Each owned license includes 6 months of support and updates in members' area. You may renew at any time and there is no penalty applied for lapsed support periods. Please Note: Security updates will always be available to all licensees at no additional charge.

    You also have included with your license unlimited remote order satellite profiles. This allows you to have multiple client order systems, on different websites ( or one, for multi-currency support ), and manage all from one admin area installation.

    I have contacted WHM Autopilot for the verification of this license sale. WHM Autopilot’s customer service is excellent, I submitted a helpdesk ticket in relation to the sale and received an answer within 30 minutes!

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    The transfer of this license has been approved.

    The buyer and seller will need to contact me directly, after purchase, to handle the transfer of license to a new domain/IP address.

    In communication, please reference the following number:


    That is the approval number for transfer of this license.

    ALL communication after the sale must be done through our helpdesk for proper tracking..

    Contact after the sale must be made since the license number that is being transferred is 'disabled' after the sale and a new one is issued to the new owner. This is to prevent 'mulit-sales' of the same license.

    License Transfer Policy

    We do permit the option that owned licenses, purchased directly from us be sold and/or transferred between companies. Before any transfer can be completed, the license must be validated by WHM.AutoPilot. If your license is approved for transfer, there will be a transfer fee of $20 due by either the seller or the buyer. All transfered licenses start with 0 days of support and downloads. In order for the new owner to gain access to downloads, they must renew for a minimum of 6 months after the transfer has been completed.

    Thank you.

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