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    I need to replace my Cisco PIX501s - any suggestions?


    I have a few tired and ready to be retired PIX501s.

    My situation is in a rack at a colo where I have about 10 servers behind it and a steady throughput of about 3Mbps. Has gone as high as 20Mpbs during times of having a lot more traffic. I don't have any vpn neads.

    Can anyone suggest firewall appliances that they like, and why they like them?

    I prefer an appliance rather than running a server with a firewall.

    A few I'm looking at:

    Cisco ASA 5505 Unlimited-User Bundle
    Mfg. Part: ASA5505-UL-BUN-K9 | CDW Part: 1058198 | UNSPSC: 43222501

    SonicWALL NSA 2400 Multi-Core Unified Threat Management Appliance
    Mfg. Part: 01-SSC-7020 | CDW Part: 1464508 | UNSPSC: 43222501

    I'm not married to cisco so I'm looking for any manufacture.


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    try fortigate

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    Have a Cisco ASA installed and it runs and runs and runs.

    Have got SSL VPN, client, Firewall, NAT etc. configured

    Like them especially now they have a relatively easy to configure with a standard setup via web configure(adsm)

    Has some VPN licenses included think 1 ssl and 5 user vpns.

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    Cisco 5505

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    manjo, thanks i will check them out. i read some of the specs and they seem good.

    dogbert, thank you for the details, which model are you using and how much bandwidth are you running through it?

    Secter, cool, how much bandwidth are you running through it?

    Thanks for the suggestions...

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    The bandwidth for firewall is great is guess well over 80Mb but with client vpn is might be around 20-30mb, the 5505 perform great considering they are software vpn (no crypto card). Guess the large memory in the box helps, really like it, especially the price without many users vpn starts at around 500usd.

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    ok thanks, that sounds like it will suit my situation perfectly. I've gone with the 5505 - even got Saturday delivery. I'll update the thread in a week or so to say how it's going.

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