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    Mom kills her 2 daughters!

    I of all people can concur that life is hard and can be very stressful at times, but having the slightest thought of killing your own children is absolutely horrible. I myself was blessed with a beautiful baby girl on July 23rd, so I still consider myself a beginner at the whole parenting aspect, but there is nothing to stressful or to damaging to ever make me think about doing something so horrific, so gruesome, so sinful.

    I pray for everyone out there who is in a stressful state of mind and also for the two little girls who lost their innocent lives.
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    As much as I can empathize with a parent trying to deal with the stresses of life, I simply cannot condone their act of taking their childrens' lives in the process. It is tragic enough if they end their own lives and deny the children of a parent. It is quite another to include the childrens' demise in the process.

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    I hope they keep her in jail for life.

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    The human condition is a life experience that is experienced by only us as an individual and can only be understood by us as an individual.

    I will not even begin to fathom her thinking, and maybe in her mind she had some form of rationale for it, but on the same token.... if you can look your children in the eye's and know they support you with unconditional love, and look to you for guidance and then slash their throats. Well, while I may not be able to understand the process that goes through their minds... I can say... they are not fit for society.


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    Unforgivable sin....

    Very sad.
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