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    Virtual Machine with Net and Lan access

    Anyone know a virtual machine that can run linux that can be accessed with LAN and Internet.

    Now i use VMware Workstation. When network is set to Bridged, virtual machine can be accessed in LAN, but no internet access. When network set to NAT, i get internet in virtual machine, but this time virtual machine can't access from LAN.

    Anyone know how to make virtual machine accessable on LAN and able to access internet from virtual machine ?

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    I'm successfully using VirtualBox 3 in bridged mode with CentOS 5.3 Guest on a Windows Server 2008 Host. I have not tried LAN access though, WAN in/out works fine. Can you run two bridged virtual interfaces? One for LAN and one for WAN?

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    Thanks MikeTrike for the reply. I don't know how to add second interface in VMware. If there is an easy solution, i could install VirtualBox.

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