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    I wondering if Andrew Page aka "appage" or "appage21" picked up our money and then vanished with money and our files.

    Server seems down and so do his own hosting page.
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    No, I think that this number isn't from Andrew but domain privacy service. But I noticed today this thread:

    So who knows where our files ended...

    Thanks, though.

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    I have a web management client who's hosted with Erupt. Anyone know what's up with this sale/server move?

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    what happened about erupt? I CAN'T open my website 2 days.Anyone tell infornations?

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    Does anyone know who was the buyer finally in ? Maybe they could help.

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    If there was buyer at all. domain owner in whois is still:
    ERUPT Admin ()
    79 Hulst Rd,
    Amherst, MA 01002

    And andrew's adress is:

    Page, Andrew appage21 @ gmail dot com
    79 Hulst Rd
    Amherst, MA 01002
    United States
    8006891456 Fax --

    Domain nameservers are down. Maybe someone should ask his host LiquidWeb, what happened with our files, but I doubt that they are willing to help in such matter.
    I have very bad feeling regarding this...

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    It could be a network routing issue, at some monitoring points the site is still up and accessible.

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    Is it?

    checked by check start date (GMT hour) download size1 status duration
    Paris/France 09/11/2009 22:01:24 0 bytes Unknown host 20007 milliseconds

    Brussels/Belgium 09/11/2009 22:01:24 0 bytes Unknown host 28359 milliseconds

    Amsterdam/Netherlands 09/11/2009 22:01:24 0 bytes No response 30004 milliseconds

    Munich/Germany 09/11/2009 22:01:24 0 bytes No response 30000 milliseconds

    Brugg/Switzerland 09/11/2009 22:01:24 0 bytes No response 30015 milliseconds

    Dallas/USA 09/11/2009 22:01:24 0 bytes No response 30030 milliseconds

    No, their site is down, domain unresolved... same as our sites. 4th day already.

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    I also have a few sites (4) that are/were hosted with them. I'll keep searching for answers, but if anyone figures this out, please post here.

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    i talked with the people at liquidWeb, and they cannot help us unless we have username password for i have all my scripts work there, and only have a backup from a month ago. all my client lists of over 800 customers are in the database. I only have list of about 400, saved in my computer. I sent an email to the [email protected]. No reply yet. Apparently the business got sold at around $1200 per the other forum topic that Andrew began posting. Any help would be really appreciated from anyone. By the way, I have 11 sites hosted with them. 3 are very critical in operating the business. I am ready to pay $$ for retrieval of those sites. Thanks for looking and beginning the post.

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    Perhaps someone close to 79 Hulst Rd, Amherst, MA 01002 (the address of the domain registrant), should make a trip there, and may be we can raise $$ to fund that trip.

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    sujanks, I also mailed his appage21 adress two days ago and no reply yet. What actually people from liquidWeb said? Maybe, just maybe... they still have server datas and maybe, just maybe.. they would be willing to put it online for some day or so.. to help people to get their datas back? It's not like we would need his password for that. We have own passwords for own accounts on his (ex) server.

    There is so much unknown. Did he sold company? Domain is still registered on his name. He stopped to pay liquidWeb bill and they put server offline? His cPanel license expired? Etc...

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    Still no update, folks??

    Is there any way to identify the new owner??

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    I have no idea. I asked if they can provide me any info, and they said, I have to give them username and password for So, seems it is hosted there. Then I asked if they host, and they said, they cannot provide me any info. So, may be they can't. Perhaps we can all get-together, like all the people affected and put a request, and perhaps they can help. May be offer some $$.

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    hmm...looks to me that has indeed erupted.

    good luck in retrieving your data.


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    I hate reading threads like these when many people are affected and the site owners (new and old) have no regard for the people they have effectively ripped off.
    Good luck getting some resolution.

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    feel so sad....what has happened with this company?
    I just want to manage my domain name setting,
    and point to other
    But's web console has been lost....
    who knows how to do ><

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    what's happen with about erupt?
    I just want to know how can I manage my domain name!!?
    I want to get back my username and password to manage it...

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    Go to the profile page and search for all posts, there are only 30.

    try these:

    which leads to:

    Join the dots.

    Boca Raton, Bloor Street(if it actually exists)

    9816 Grand Verde Way
    Boca Raton, 33428

    BocaRaton, FL 33433

    Look at the whois yourself for the rest.

    Notice it says "95media" owns about 50 other domains

    So, if you register, you can look at the rest, and maybe track down a real name, address, and phone number. Or try searching "95media" on a search engine.

    Just did, this appears accurate:

    valid name,address, phone and email

    but try the search yourself

    final edit:

    this one is even better:

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    ok, you guys are on your own now.


    well ok, 1 more, look at the netblock contacts at the very bottom, they are usually pretty strict about that info.
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    I, for one, don't care about the money i've paid for hosting not provided, or for the files on my site, or anything right now. All i'm interested in is regaining control of, which was registered for me by shadowcore when i signed up for their hosting. Erupt bought shadowcore, and hopefully the dates of registration / change of owner in the past along with a few emails between myself and erupt should be enough to get godaddy to transfer the domain to my name. Well, we can hope, can't we!

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    Thank you plumsauce for the info. sounds pretty solid.

    I have emailed the admins of both 95media and liquid web. i tried to call all the phone numbers and seems all are disconnected already. but, hopefully there is an email response.

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    Ever since Shadowcore was bought out by, service and uptime have been very spotty. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get a hold of the files from our sites? I realized my last downloaded backup was in February and for some reason I'm missing the files on my computer. (Go figure, right?) This really makes me angry, considering I renewed in July for a year simply because I didn't have time to research and find a new host. Guess now I have to make time? Thanks to Google Apps I was able to get my email back up and running, at least. But my entire business is gone right now.

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    This is sad news, hope you guys get your data back, wasnt this host forsale a couple of days ago on this forum?


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    Quote Originally Posted by DKPercussion View Post
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get a hold of the files from our sites?
    As long liquidweb don't wipe out this server (if they aren't already) there's still hope. There on WHT are know lately atleast two cases where host which hosted scam company which vanished helped to ex customers of this company and put server online for 24 hrs or so.. so that people got their files. This is not liquidweb obligation but maybe, just mabye they would be willing to help scammed members of WHT community with such altruist act. All what would we need is to get server back online for some day or so to download backups.
    Liquidweb have representative (LiquidWebTravis) on WHT board and someone would maybe ask him for help, but we're not their obligation but then again... maybe they would be willing to help (and even get some new loyal customer with such act of goodwill).

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    I, too, am worried mostly about the data (and my customers data). Hopefully we'll get a chance to download backups. I'm very dissapointed, but really it's my own fault for not being more careful. I knew I should have jumped ship when it changed owners again. I was with shadowcore since before they were shadowcore, and I'm very dissapointed to see this happen.

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    Has anyone found anything? I was a reseller, and paid months in advance for my erupt reseller account. Now, I've lost all of my clients because it's been days without service. And I have one client who's a friend that needs her website data because it wasn't backed up anywhere else!

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    Thank you WHT. I emailed Travis and awaiting reply. I hope there is a positive reply.

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    I'm glad to find there are other people experiencing this problem. I have some backups from earlier this year, at least, but not before that. :/ Luckily nothing particularly critical was lost, but it's going to be a giant annoyance to have to set everything up again. Hope we can get access to our data at some point...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sujanks View Post
    Thank you WHT. I emailed Travis and awaiting reply. I hope there is a positive reply.
    Please let us know.
    Server IP was (

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    Ok received this reply from the LiquidWeb. Some Progress:



    I hope you are doing well. I understand that your site ( is part of a server which is hosted by us but is down due to billing issues.

    Do you remember the name or the point of contact of the person who sold you the service? Are you able to send me an invoice that was prepared for you by this party?

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thank you for your time,



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    They do not understand your (our) problem. Maybe you didn't explained well? It seems like they think that you're part of or something... It's not really progress
    Travis, as WHT member, is more familair with such issues as our is and he would most likely understand our hopeless situation.

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    New Reply from liquidWeb:


    Thank you for the information, what package would you like to host the domains with us? Also, can you please forward the username and passwords of all domains so we can copy them for you to the new server?

    Thank you for your time,

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    Huh? sujanks, you have some strange offtopic conversation with liquidweb... Those things which you paste now are completely irrelevant for victims... Maybe someone other should contact them and explain them what's actually problem...

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    Ok, I spoke with Stefan and pretty much resolved it. This is the deal and way out of it, which I was able to do.

    They cannot be put up online because they failed to pay the bill. And pretty much, all of their clients are screwed up. He said, to deal with should we want to go online.

    So, if you are a reseller, you can sign up to one of their packages. I signed up for $60 VPS hosting (discounted to $50/month), and give them the username and password, of the reseller account, and they will move all the files from erupt's server to their new one. This way you'll have one month to move the files/data to wherever you want. He said, they are in the process to clean up the old server - which they can, I think. So, you may want to do something quick.

    Stefan knows all what's happening and you can reach him directly @ (517) 322-0434 x386.

    Good Luck to you all.

    Remember to use a good host and backup data is what I've learned from this experience. It is worth spending that extra $100 for a better host.

    I am still down to suing that Andrew Page, and get the money back.

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    This is what I ordered. So, basically I have 30 days to move this or decide to keep it here.

    Order Summary:

    VPS - Plan1
    DiskSpace: 50 GB RAID protected storage
    Memory: 512MB dedicated RAM
    Bandwidth: 400GB Monthly Transfer
    OS: Linux - CentOS 4
    ControlPanel: CPanel / Web Host Manager (+Fantastico/XController)
    RemoteBackup: No Remote Backup Needed
    SetupFee: $0 Setup Fee
    $50 /mon

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    Got call back and email reply, and they have found everything for me.


    Thank you for confirming your business. I will go ahead and submit the
    migration to one of my engineers. Once the entire process begins, you will
    receive an email from our engineers.


    Thank you testnick, plumsauce, Web Hosting Talk and everyone for your support and help. I wouldn't have retrieved any without you guys. Good Karma.

    Good Luck to all...

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    Hi all, I am going to put a request to transfer your domains to the new server under my account, and if you want to save some $$$. But to my understanding $50 is worth spending to get your stuff back, and you are in control.

    I will post the responses as it comes, and most likely they'd want your user-name and password. Please PM me [email protected]. Then you have 30 days to back up and move it somewhere else. But remember I only have 50 GB storage and 400 GB bandwidth. I might use only 10% of the total, so there's 90% up for grabs. But no promises yet, as I haven't heard from them.

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    Okay I got response regarding that too:

    Sure thing, just reply to the migration ticket I opened with you and provide the username and passwords and we can moved them for you.

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