THis in in IIS running on Win2k Server.

OK. I sort of asked this a few weeks ago but ended up answering my own question and people agreed with me. Come to find out I didn't really understand my own words. FIRST TIME EVER, I SWEAR!

I am setting up a site for web and want to structure it like so:
*using as the sample site"

Root for everything: d:\sites\blahcom\

The directory for the person to put their web files should be:

The only writable area in the site is:

When the person FTP's in I want them to be able to go to:
and can then navigate from there.

What I THINK I should do is the following:
- Define a web site and make d:\sites\blahcom\HTML\ the root.
- Make sure the web site is non-writable
- Define a FTP account and make d:\sites\blahcom\ the root.
- Create the d:\sites\blahcom\HTML\ directory and make it writable.

My main concern revolves around the main site (which is at d:\sites\blahcom\HTML\) being able to access and write to d:\sites\blahcom\DATABASE\. How do I make that happen?

And while I am at it, do you fine people have your sites set up the same way? Where there is only set areas that people can write to? Or would you more then likely make a writable area in d:\sites\blahcom\HTML\Database\ instead?