We offer linux server management for people with a single server to complex clusters.

We can support various Linux flavours and no control panel or cPanel with others by request.

From just 59.99 per month you can enjoy total peace of mind.

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Just some of the things we do when you place an order with us;

  • Install latest version of CentOS 5.x (Unless other OS preffered)
  • Secure all server directoires
  • Install and configure our monitoring agent
  • Disable all unused services
  • Disable any dangerous PHP functions (with client knowledge)
  • Install latest stable release of cPanel (unles other or no panel preffered)
  • Install Zend/Ioncube (clients choice)
  • Install and configure firewall(s)
  • Install and configure various security software
  • Harden SSH, FTP et al
  • Install & configure chosen email software
  • Install webmail facilitys
  • Install & update LAMP (Apache, MySQL and PHP)
  • Install & configure Spam filtering solution
  • Install logwatch to monitor logs & access
  • Configure backup solution
  • Configure DNS (including nameservers and PTR)

and much more...