I made a thread a while back on these forums regarding the sale of my GSP. However the situation has changed and we are now willing to sell the clients/hardware/business seperatly if wanted.

The reason for selling is because we are a partnership and unfortunatly for me my partner has decided to make a rather shock move to join the Army. I am also looking forward to moving onto other things.

The following post details these parts seperatly:


Both machines are custom built by myself and I own most of the original boxes. They are currently colocated at 50 per server per month in BlueSquare datacenter, Maidenhead. Windows server 2003 is installed on both but this is only for the duration of the stay with the current provider. We've never had any problems with either machine. Both machines use under 0.5amps with an average game server load. I tested them with max 100% cpu on all cores (this would never happen in a gameserver environment) and they reached about 0.7amps.

Machine 1 (almost 1 year old):
mATX, Intel motherboard
160GB Hard drive
Note that despite being matx the case is very slim.

Machine 2 (about 5-6 months old):
1U (dynatron cooler + seasonic PSU), Intel motherboard
250GB Hard drive

Asking price for the first machine is 350 and the second machine at 450. Shipping charges to be negotiated. Servers can stay in current location if wanted.

Please note that we will not be able to complete the sale of the hardware until the sale of clients is complete.

Business and clients:

We're considering offers of the business with the clients or seperatly.

The clients bring in around 200 per month. This figure often fluctuates. A few months ago, this value was 400 per month. The reasoning for this is that while searching for a buyer I have inadvertedly neglected emailing past customers/contacting new gaming communities etc to bring in more custom. This excersise can bring in 100's in a few weeks. The income from clients for months since march goes like so: 195, 407, 309, 223, 267, 201.

There are currently 68 clients in the database since we began. The current income accounts for 20 clients. This usually fluctuates between about 20 and 35. 1 Client is an annual webhosting client. 1 a quarterly game server client. The rest are monthly gameserver/voice server clients.

We value the clients at 600

Expenses for the business are as follows:

Co-location x 2: 100 per month
Web hosting reseller: 5 per month
Ventrilo reseller: $50 to $62.50 per month
TEAMSPEAK: Anywhere from $14 to $30 per month (fluctuates based on amount of TS servers hosted)
TCADMIN x 2: $31.90 per month
WHMCS: $12.95 per month

The website is custom built to a high standard by myself and a second unfinished template is also available which I would complete if wanted. The brand has a good reputation amongst the clients and the wider community.

Any person interested in the business only will receive the domain name and both templates. I can also aid you in transferring the business to your own hardware and creating a fully functional setup. Our evaluation of this is 150

Please note we cannot sell the business until the clients are also sold.

We are willing to sell EVERYTHING at 1200.

Sensible offers for all of the above considered.