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    New server opinions appreciated

    So, i think i may be outgrowing my vps (well, i admit i am already pushing it a bit). I have a few sites, and these take the most power of them all(most are fairly mild)

    1. One is an article directory with a database nearly 3gb. i have online between users and search engine bots around 300 ips at any given time, about 70k pages a day give or take. i use caching, etc, the best that i can, but some queries are just costly on the db. that, and search engines lately have been walking like 5x their normal of the site.

    2. one converts videos via ffmpeg. it only does one at a time right now due to the design uses a queue so it doesn't overload the server. somewhere around 1000 conversions or so a day, give or take, at the moment, somewhere around 20mb per source converted.

    thing is, my gut is telling me i encounter more disk i/o issues than cpu, as when the load jumps say over 10, the actual cpu on top is under 1% used. i did make improvements as vmstat was showing the disk activity a little bit up there, but now with the conversion site i think i'm using the disk more.

    in general, seeing the load hanging around 1.5-3 is not unusual. actually seeing it under 1 is.

    i think i have a little longer on this vps, and it's possible i can work a few things and actually stay on a vps, but i'm considering softlayer and fdcservers on a dedicated. i'm am no newbie to servers and at least for the past 3-4 years have done everything on the servers. i do admit i'm using cpanel on one host tho to save me time as there's only so much time to begin with. most times i do things via shell tho still.

    i do like the idea of unlimited bandwidth, tho in reality i'm using maybe 50gb or so a month at the moment. i'd like to keep it under $200 if possible.

    so basically here are the ones on the table so far:
    softlayer: amd opteron 1212, 1216, 1354, 2212
    intel xeon 3050, 3060, 3220, 3230, 5130

    fdc has an E5200, or an E8400. i could live on 10-megabit, but probably a good idea to spring for the 100-megabit

    so any thoughts? the xeon 3220 and E8400 both seem like pretty strong choices, tho if i can get by on a xeon 3050, opteron 1212, or E5200 saving money would be nice.


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    E8400 is quite superior to E5200 in terms of speed, and I'd probably choose it. RAM is also important, as well as a decent HDD(no cheap 5400RPM disks).
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    In their configurations, the E5200 has 2gb ram, the E8400 has 4gb. Adding 2gb ram to the E5200 brings it to the same price as the E8400.

    i believe they are just standard 7200 rpm drives.

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    When it comes to video conversion, drive speed is very important then cpu then ram.
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    As you are just doing some video conversion and the CPU load even on your VPS was really low, I think both CPUs should be fine for you. Nevertheless you might want to think about co-locating a server as well as if you are doing business for more than 3 years already you are more likely to do it for at least 3 more years.

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    I would opt for a 100Mbps over 10Mbps connection - with video streaming you are going to want to burst more ten 10Mbps.

    Colo is something to consider but remember you are responsible for hardware failure. What do you do if the hardware dies? For most people it is not going to be worth it to go colo for a few servers unless you can have your site down for hours if something dies.

    You might even consider using a dedicated hard drive for the video conversion. If you do that combined with a multiple core machine (which everything you listed is) you should be able to keep it all running smooth during the conversion process. A more expensive alternative to this is a faster drive or RAID.
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