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    Server Optimization for High-Traffic Apache/cPanel Server

    Looking for a server admin to optimize my server - all details required are -

    I want somebody to optimize based on what they find rather while monitoring rather some kind of generic optimization. I would expect to be told why certain things have been changed etc.

    Looking for httpd.conf, my.cnf, php.ini etc. to be configured/optimized, rotatelogs etc. to be implemented and anything else necessary to improve the performance of my Website and ensure as many people can access as possible without performance being hit. I'm guessing mysql, apache, etc. MAY be out-of-date too?

    I would prefer to deal with an individual rather than a company and would like assurances (and feedback from previous clients if possible) that my all my points will be catered for.


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    I can personally do this for you. Do you have a Messenger i can contact you on?

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    AmishPatel206 if you have AIM?

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    Added you.

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    Whats yours? Havent got you on yet.

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