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    Question Site url to point to a subfolder with proper masking

    hey guys,

    a very basic Q for all of you "Pro" out there ....

    i have a shared hosting account. i have installed Joomla! on my website but previously i had a static site which was situated in the root folder directly. now while Joomla! Installation, i chose it to be within a sub directory as i also wanted multiple folders in the root folder for some testing site purpose. i may use this accoutn to even test some of my projects.

    now, the problem is nothing but address bar address masking. everything is working fine and my url points directly to the subfolder and opens the stuff required. but as soon as i click on any of the links within the page, the adrressbar shows the complete address and not the masked address.

    address: XXXX://XXX.XXX.XXX (general)
    Subfolder Name:folderX
    When Clicked on any link:[/B] XXXX://XXX.XXX.XXX/folderX/index.php?jooommmmllllaaaastufffff
    it Should be:[/B] XXXX://XXX.XXX.XXX/index.php?jooommmmllllaaaastufffff

    i have pointed the domain through .htaccess

    .htaccess code
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /

    # pointing for the domain to folder folderX
    ReWriteCond %{HTTP_HOST}
    ReWriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !folderX/
    ReWriteRule ^(.*)$ folderX/$1 [L]

    also, it seems that because of .htaccess command the website loading has been affected a bit.

    now i have 2Q in total,

    1. is it possible to precisely mask the address bar (without touching the Joomla! pages?)(i aint a coder u see... and i found some link where they were chaning the configuration.php file but i am not really sure if i wanna do that)

    2. if its not clearly possible, is it ok if i keep it the way it is but yet, letting google and other SE to crawl through the sub-folder instead of the main root of the hosting account? (please do let me know in terms that how much will it affect my ranking and SEO standards n etc ...)

    Thank you so much for your help!
    Best Regards,

    P.S. i am Really sorry if i am putting this in a wrong place ... i really didnt understand under which category this comes.

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    See if this information helps:

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    hey ave, thanks for the reply!

    but as i have mentioned in my post, i am not really willing to do that, editing my configuration.php file.

    so is there any other way?

    and also what about Search Engine stuff? any idea on that?

    thanks for your reply,

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