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    Newbie questions releated to maintaining apps on a server: any help much appreciated!


    Just looking for some help as a relative newbie. To describe my experience to put things in context:

    • I have building websites for a few years and have a reasonable knowledge of XHTML and CSS, but haven't had a need to get to technical on servers as I have just been using resold hosting with a nice web interface (1&1, mediatemple etc)
    • I have an understanding of how relational databases work having built a few filemaker DBs
    • I am an experienced computer user having been a designer for years (mainly Mac), although I'm not a programmer
    • I love to learn new things and pick things up quickly. If there is a book I will read it!

    To describe my problem/question(s):

    The small company I work for has a website delivering downloads online, it has all been built, maintained and hosted by an external developer but my company would like to bring the hosting 'in-house' and just have the 3rd party build the application and deliver it to us.

    It is currently built in ASP.NET with the customer/site data on an SQL DB, and the files dispensed via an Apache/MySQL server. These are both virtualized on one single Linux machine running with guest OSs of windows and linux.

    We have our own fully managed hosting agreement with a dedicated server.

    My company has decided that we will set up a test server (also virtualized on the same machine) to run a version of the site on which the 3rd party developers will update, then I can test it before running a script (designed by them) to copy this to the production site and it going live. This means that the developers do not have access to the production site, and gives us a bit more security.

    I will have a login but not root access (the hosting company will retain this).

    So my question is, what tools/software will I need to login and do all this? Are there any good website to learn this kind of stuff? Are there any good books I should read to get confident in doing this? How can I learn about how this is all done?

    I don't think this is going to be a major task in reality, but I want to be armed with enough knowledge so I don't goof it up!

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    I guess the server is running Linux so it is best if you learn how to manage a shell so you can login using SSH.

    On you Mac just search for an Application named "Terminal" that is how the administration on Linux is most likely going to look like. As you do not seem to have that much experience with server administration I suggest you think twice about doing the switch.

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    For code management you may want to look into setting it up as an SVN repo. That can let you easily manage it, a lot of our clients with multiple versions of the websites like doing this.

    Basically all you need to do is install apache/mysql/php (LAMP) and if only one site setup an ftp account for the documentroot.
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