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    Managed Hosting Recommendations

    Hi Everybody,

    I am considering moving all of my site's operations to the USA due to SEO and performance considarations.

    I have Several Dedicated servers including Web, SQL and storage appliances.

    I checked the following Hosting companies:

    Do you have any inputs on these companies ?

    Any more good companies you can suggest ?

    Thanks a lot,

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    You can also add rackspace on top of the list, though many of these companies will try to lock you into a one year contract, which I would advise against. Try running month-to-month so in case there's any issue you can just move away at any time.

    Are your servers Windows servers only, or are you also running Linux? Do you have any special needs like firewalls, DDoS protection?
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    You can also check Cartika (month to month contracts, specializing in clusters, fully managed and proactive service etc.).
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    Yes our site has many needs like LB, FW, Storage, Backups, DDOS etc ...

    We are using both windows and Linux

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    It will be hard to find someone that does it all properly, so depending on how flexible you are with outside management for your Windows servers, it will open up a large number of providers for you.
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    Well, i looking more for the Hardware, security, backup, LB, security and networking experts.
    I will Manage the QSs

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    If you are running Linux Based Server and want a US Provider. Sign up for Wiredtree with Eyes Closed. Many other like you have done that and happy with a Fully managed solution.

    If its Windows, then you have to look anywhere else

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    Quote Originally Posted by 01globalnet View Post
    You can also check Cartika (month to month contracts, specializing in clusters, fully managed and proactive service etc.).
    I 2nd that. I have been a dedicated server customer of theirs for years and have nothing but good to say about them. They can handle your requirements I'm sure.

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    are you looking for a specific area in the US, Northeast, Southeast, West? Also what kind of budget are you under? Also make sure when looking at managed solutions, that you fully understand what the host means by managed hosting? Is it a fully managed solutions, or a semi managed with a control panel.

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    I agree with Hesser. Some providers still charge for labor even though they claim to be fully managed. So be sure to clear that up front before signing up.

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