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    I'd Like to change Exim IP

    I'd like to change Exim IP and so I edited
    vi /etc/exim.conf commented out the default interface.

    driver = smtp
    #interface = ${if exists {/etc/mailips}{${lookup{$sender_address_domain}lsearch*{/etc/mailips}{$value}{}}}{}}
    interface = ##.###.##.##
    helo_data = ${if exists {/etc/mailhelo}{${lookup{$sender_address_domain}lsearch*{/etc/mailhelo}{$value}{$primary_hostname}}}{$primary_hostname}}

    driver = smtp
    interface = ##.###.##.##
    #interface = ${if exists {/etc/mailips}{${lookup{$sender_address_domain}lsearch*{/etc/mailips}{$value}{}}}{}}
    helo_data = ${if exists {/etc/mailhelo}{${lookup{$sender_address_domain}lsearch*{/etc/mailhelo}{$value}{$primary_hostname}}}{$primary_hostname}}
    dk_private_key = "/var/cpanel/domain_keys/private/${dk_domain}"
    dk_canon = nofws
    dk_selector = default

    But all emails sent using webmail goes to Mail Que and its not getting out. While mail using POP (outlook) using SMTP of our ISP works fine. What did I missed ? Actually after changing it, I tested using webmail and outlook and its succefully reached the recipient but when I woke up webmail not getting thru.

    Summary :

    Default exim.conf
    --webmail works fine
    --But IP is blocked somewhere

    New IP setup
    --outlook (pop & smtp) works
    --cannot sent thru webmail
    --clean IP

    I want the New IP option. Any assistance would be appreciated.
    thank you
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    Have you added the new IP to /etc/mailips and /etc/mailhelo files ?

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    do I just add it like just one liner? actually I have two servers two different provider my other server works fine by just doing the above interface and its mailips and mailhelo dont have any content.

    will try it.

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    pop before smtp

    You must be having cpanel as control panel. If it is so, try to disable "pop before smtp". This may help you.
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    yes I'm on CPANEL and centOS. How do I disbale pop before smtp ?

    i tried that but it doesnt work. thank you

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    What version of exim are you using?
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    Do you get any error while sending mail using webmail with the new IP? Did you check the exim queue as well if that says something?
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    Version of exim : Exim version 4.69 #1 built 16-Mar-2009

    Do you get any error while sending mail using webmail with the new IP? Did you check the exim queue as well if that says something?
    When I changed the new IP on the interface inside exim.conf it works and it reaches my other domain on other server where previously doesnt get in. But after like 6 hours it keeps on going into the mail que and not getting sent out. Since then it is not working and so I removed the newly IP again.

    The below error from exim_mainlog which I recently tested from webmail to my other dedi server from other provider using the main ip of the server.

    2009-09-10 23:02:25 1MllA1-0002ZI-Rb ** [email protected] R=lookuphost T=remote_smtp: retry time not reached for any host after a long failure period
    2009-09-10 23:02:25 1MllAH-0002a9-80 <= <> R=1MllA1-0002ZI-Rb U=mailnull P=local S=1718

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    changing the main server Ip address will also make this happen for you as exim sends email vis main server IP address.

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    When you change main IP, do we have to wait propagation? and do we have to contact the server provider?


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    newer versions of cpanel will send out email via the site's IP if you have the correct WHM setting enabled. Simply enable the WHM setting and change the site IP.

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