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    Apache 2 vHost Limits


    i like to setup some restriction to a Apache 2 vHost.
    With Apache 1.3 we did that with mod_tsunami which worked exactly the way i needed it.
    I googled the whole evening but cant find any replacement

    What i need is to limit concurrent connections to a specific vHost after only a given percentage of Apache Slots is still available (so it hits only on high traffic times). Lets say if 50% apache slots are taken than dont let more than 50 connections to a specific site.

    Would that be possible? is there any mod which could replace mod_tsunami?

    Thanks for your help

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    Interesting, never used it. I'm guessing the reason you need vhost limiting is because it's a shared environment. The only way I'd know to do this now days is either with some very creative firewall rules and limit by get request of certain types. Or you could setup nginx as a front-end and proxy to Apache. With that, you could configure # of connections per vhost.
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