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    Data corruption on WHT?

    Something is not right with the following thread:

    Comments, signatures & quotes seem all messed up. Definitely not the way it originally was as even my comment in that thread is only a tiny segment of what I originally posted there.

    Maybe it has something to do with WHT being hacked a while back & the subsequent data recovery, but wanted to report this nonetheless so that it can be looked into.
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    It's one of the threads we restored to the forum. This is the first one I've seen where it looks like some content is missing.

    I've fixed the formatting the best I can. Signatures are typically not right with restored threads, but it looks better now.

    Do you have a WHT question or concern? Please open a helpdesk ticket.

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    Dates are way off if the "today's post" link is used.

    For example, at 1am, writespeak's post shows as "Today, 05:48 PM"

    Well, at 1am, we haven't gotten to 5pm yet.

    Must be the new math

    The entire thread index is showing wonky times.
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