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    Question check visitor's IP's referral url ?

    how can i track where the visitor is coming from ? currently, i have a form but the referral is always the previous page on my website.

    I need to find out the moment they come to my site, what the referral URL is.

    Thank You.

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    Well, browser headers aren't terribly reliable, and can be spoofed easily, so make sure you're not using this for any kind of authentication/security. Generally, I'm always using some kind of a template that gets included on every page. I'd just put something in that. If not, you could have a separate script that checks the referrer that is included on each page.

    You didn't even mention what language you're using, but the pseudo-code would look something like this:

    1. check the HTTP_REFERER
    2. if it's not from your site, log it or do whatever.

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    It depends on what your site is written in, but most languages have an ability to get at the HTTP_REFERER in the header. For example, if you wanted to get at it in PHP you would access the server array:


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