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    Montreal Dedicated Servers

    Hello, I have a client that will need a few dedicated servers in Quebec/Montreal. There hasn't be any threads regarding Montreal Dedicated Servers for almost an year and the only two companies I could find where the following:

    iWeb & Netelligent

    Who do you suggest for a host in Montreal ? (doesn't need to be one of the above)

    Thanks Derek.

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    Both are excellent, you can add choopa to your list

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    iWeb is good for Montreal servers, perhaps one of the more known ones. I've had a small dedicated server with them about 2 years ago.

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    Another vote for iweb.

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    I've used iWeb, can't fault them

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    I'm using Netelligent. I've got 3 servers with them. Never tried iWeb tho, since they're more expensive.
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