Web hosting, reseller hosting and vps hosting company, SharkSpace (http://www.sharkspace.com), has added the ability to choose your hosting location. Three locations are available including Central USA, East Coast USA and West Coast USA.

The ability to choose between three geographically diverse locations allows webmasters to have their websites set up in regions nearest to their visitor base, which in turn speeds up page loading times. Generally, Central USA is the best hosting location to reach visitors located throughout the United States. East Coast USA provides excellent loading times to Europe and Africa, and West Coast USA provides excellent page loading times to Asia, Russia and Australia. All three locations provide excellent loading times to their respective regions (central, east and west) in North and South America.

Scott Jones, CEO and Owner of SharkSpace.com, noted, ďA large portion of our client base is located outside the United States. Adding the East and West Coast locations allows those overseas clients to greatly speed up their page loading times to visitors from their country by cutting several thousand miles off the distance to the hosting servers.Ē In addition, having three available install locations allows webmasters to set up geographically diverse websites allowing for nearly 100% uptime and eliminating the threat of localized issues including natural disasters, bandwidth provider outages, data center failures and server failures.

SharkSpace is a leading provider of web hosting, reseller hosting and vps hosting. The company prides itself on unmatched technical support that is available 24/7/365 with an average response time under ten minutes. All SharkSpace hosting packages are feature-packed providing everything you will need for your website to be successful online.

To learn more, please visit: http://www.sharkspace.com