I am looking for a part time/temporary/contract position as a Network/Systems Engineer. I am available for on-site work or I can work remotely.

My primary skills include some of the following:

Cisco Router/Switch configuration/maintenance
FreeBSD Router configuration
High availability Network Design
BGP/OSPF Implementation and administration
FreeBSD/RH Administration
DNS/SMTP/MySQL/httpd/ftpd etc.
Nokia CheckPoint Firewalls
FreeBSD IPFW Firewalls
Sonicwall Firewalls
Fortigate Firewalls
Cisco PIX Firewalls
Win2k Server
Cisco Load Balancers
NIDS (Network Intrusion Detection Systems)
General Tech Support via phone/support desk

That is some of the basics. For a more in depth look at my skills my resume and references are available upon request.

I do currently work part time in NYC and would like to keep that position. I am looking for something more into the afternoon/night time hours. If this position is full time only then I would be open to that as I am quite used to working very long hours. As with any job dealing with mission critical infrastructure I am open to being on call 24/7.

Thanks for your time,

Nick Geyer
ICQ: 60856228
AIM: uplink002
Email: [email protected]