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    VPS Advice if possible please


    I am looking for some advice if possible please.

    I currently own a dedicated server in the UK (Dual Core, 3GB Ram, 250GB Drives Raid 1, 6 IPs) but I am looking to downgrade to 1) save money! 2) offer better scalability / performance

    I currently have 42 websites on the server (Windows 2003) with 80% running classic ASP and the rest static. Between them they average approx 1,000 unique visitors a day and use approx 29000MB bandwidth per month at present. A couple of these sites are live e-commerce websites with very good SEO rankings.

    In addition I currently use SmarterStats, SmarterMail, SQL Server 2005, Dot Net Panel and have DNS setup on 2 different IPs for NS1 and NS2

    My hard drive is currently c: 15GB used (windows, programs) / d: 14GB used (websites, logs)

    Questions please.

    What kind of VPS (preferably UK and windows 2008) could accommodate the above and allow for expansion if needed.

    Would there for example be any benefit if I got 3 x VPS (Web, Mail, Database) / and if so would you use same ISP or 3 different ISP

    I am also looking to get a linux VPS for a couple of websites (want to keep PHP seperate to windows) unless you advise otherwise

    If I ever need to move ISP will this be a pain or can I take a snapshot and upload to new ISP, etc

    Please excuse the dumbness but I really could do with some help / advice if possible.

    Thanks very much.

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    Since your sites sound like they're using a significant amount of resources (at least in terms of how VPS providers will see it) I recommend that you find a trusted host who does not oversell, and can prove it.

    Whatever you do, don't go for the bottom dollar, unrealistically good sounding offers that you will find out there. These hosts make their money by gambling that you won't use all of your resources, and since it sounds like you may use all of yours, you need to make sure you go with someone who's going to give you what you pay for.

    As for separate VPS's, I would say no to this; especially for your database. Running a remote database means that you will have to connect over the network as opposed to via sockets (or whatever sockets are in windows). This will be slower, potentially less secure.

    How easy a transition is will be dependent on the software your host is running, and/or your experience with the migration process. Some control panels integrate this functionality, making it easy for you to move, whereas in some cases you will have to figure it out yourself using the tools in your hosted environment.

    As for linux, yes, definitely go for it.

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    Definitely go for Linux. You could run the mail server on a separate VPS, that would be a benefit depending on the volume. You could split the web and database on 2 VPS but make sure they reside on the same box or at least on 2 boxes in the same data center linked with fiber optics or the like. The advantage of such a split is that you can better manage resources for web and database. Depends a bit on your expected growth. The 42 websites you mention probably don't need such a config, however if in 12 months it's going to be 5 times as many then you should take time today to configure things properly.
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    Hmmm... So you have a dedi dual CPU with 3GB of RAM and one of your two primary concerns is increased scalability/performance?

    While I see some benefits of splitting things up between multiple VPS accounts this type of scenario brings it's own problems and issues.

    Keep in mind a few things:

    - Most VPS accounts are "fair use" on the CPU so you do not have dedicated cycles to your stuff. Yeah I think with a well managed host this isn't a big deal.

    - If 3GB of RAM and 2 full cores of cpu are not enough getting less from your combined VPS accounts won't get you ahead.

    Not sure how much you are paying for your dedi and I don't want to sound negative but you might just want to find a cheaper dedi. Eitehr way I'm just saying be cautious before you go down the road of splitting your needs amongst multiple accounts.

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    If you can move to Linux your available VPS solutions increases a lot.
    I'd contact a few providers and see what they say.

    Ask for a trial to get a feel for the speed of the VPS - not all VPS are the same.

    UK SSD VPS without compromise - upto 250k IOPS !

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    Thank you so much for all your replies, very much appreciated.
    You have given me something to think about!

    I have never administered a Linux box thus I am wondering how much work is involved in comparison to say administering a windows box.

    Once again, thank you all.

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    You must go with Linux VPS.
    You can do search for VPS suggestions, try compare them for your current system.
    I am sure you will find VPS with same performance but lower price.

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    As 80% of your sites are Classic ASP, a windows with IIS is needed. I would suggest you look at

    Its a cluster of Hyper-V servers with data stored in a redundant SAN. Sounds the ideal solution for you.

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    Windows 2008 with Hyper-V would offer the perfect solution. You could perhaps get 2-3 VPS and spread the services across these VPS. Hyper-V will also run linux guest OS VPS. What is your budget for the Windows VPS by the way?

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