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    Angry I hate cox support!


    I have a client that contacted me to see if I could help get his emails working for his Cox cable account because he wasn't getting any help from Cox. He said they just kept taking over his computer, going to outlook, configuring the settings, and logging off saying it was fixed when it wasn't. They did this twice without dealing with the issue. I figured 'what the heck?' I try to help out all customers as much as possible when I can.

    Now I realize that a chat at 4:00 in the morning isn't going to be completely coherent, but I spelled out all the details in the beginning of the chat in the window, going WAY out of my way to detail the two accounts that weren't working on the website but the others were, and that we are NOT using outlook, only the browser. I explained in detail that the last person was only trying to fix outlook and wasn't listening that this was a website/pop/database issue. i told them that we could not get to access thru but the others worked. Please dont' try to fix Outlook, it is not being used.

    The problem is that and weren't accessible thru outlook, pop3, or but all the other emails were working fine in his account. After the first conversation went nowhere, I decided to keep the second. Here is the conversation after the point of verifying his account:

    nathalie> I've found it. I had to access it from your e-mail address
    Scott> kewl
    Scott> i had closetm [edited] and gal [edited]
    Scott> no access
    Scott> I deleted closetm [edited]
    Scott> now it won't recreate
    Scott> gal [edited] won't take
    Scott> tried new password
    Scott> no joy
    nathalie> Are you using the word password for the password for your gal [edited] e-mal address?
    Scott> i put a new password in there
    Scott> so no, i guess
    nathalie> Did you change it on site?
    Scott> yes
    nathalie> Just one moment Please. Thank you for your patience.
    Scott> k
    Scott> tried password
    Scott> no joy
    Scott> the new one is [edited] *password*
    nathalie> You will need to use the word password for the password. It shows that it has not been changed.
    Scott> just tried it
    nathalie> We have a page that may resolve your issue, in a moment the web page will appear on your screen. Please review.
    nathalie> I am sure I can help resolve this problem. Do you mind if we start remote access? This will enable me to view and share your PC. Please wait while I send you a Remote Access Request.
    nathalie> I will be pushing a Web Page to you. When you receive it click "I Grant Permission. Then let me know when the page says **PERMISSION GRANTED**

    [remote access windows start poping up on my computer]

    [cancel remote access windows]

    Scott> why do u need remote access?
    nathalie> Because I have logged into your account and the word password is the password. I need to see how your trying to access the account. You can choose to decline the remote and attempt it yourself. I've given you the answer to your question and it seems not to have resolved the issue.
    nathalie> I understand that your using Outlook and not Outlook Express which is the supported mail client.
    Scott> no I am not
    Scott> i am using
    Scott> did u try it in a browser?
    Scott> i tried two computers
    nathalie> I would be taking your into which is the remote e-mail access for our Cox customers when they are away from home
    Scott> that is what doesn't work
    Scott> plus pop doesn't work
    Scott> only these two
    nathalie> Is there anything else I can help you with today? Cox High Speed Internet continues to bring you more service options. Please visit our online site at for many of your support and Internet needs.
    Scott> other emails work ok

    Scott> are u there?
    Scott> jeff [edited] logs in fine
    Scott> hb [edited] logs in fine
    Scott> gal [edited] does not
    Scott> closet[edited] says its taken now. i just deleted it a few minutes ago
    nathalie> The reason why your webmail maynot be accessable for you is that your settings in the Outlook are incorrect. You can feel free to call in for support at 1-800-234-3993 for live assistance.
    Scott> listen to me
    Scott> i am not using outlook
    Scott> period
    Scott> !!
    Scott> webmail is a browser email
    Scott> has nothing to do with outlook
    nathalie> If you are attempting to add the closetm[edited] back onto the support site, it will show already taken becuase it hasn't been purged from our data base and it would need to be released from our headquarters office.
    Scott> that's ok then
    Scott> what about gal [edited]
    Scott> ?
    Scott> but closetm [edited] had the same prob. before it was deleted
    nathalie> I am listening to you and here is the results from testing your gal[edited] account...........
    nathalie> gal[edited] exists and the password is correct
    Scott> did you try the browser?
    nathalie> That is when I input it into our database to test usernames and passwords.
    nathalie> Yes
    Scott> your database is not how i access email. the browser is . the database works.
    nathalie> have you logged out of the webmail browser yet?
    Scott> many times
    Scott> two different computers
    Scott> two different locatoins
    Scott> jeff [edited] works
    Scott> gal [edited] does not
    nathalie> I understand that but for us to know that a username has been activated or deleted we have to check the status of it.
    Scott> ok, but i know closetm [edited] will not come back right now, but gal [edited] should be there. it shows on the list
    nathalie> I'm not here to debate with you an any way. I want to help you but you are not cooperating with me at this time. Please call in for further assistance to the number listed above.
    Scott> i am
    Scott> i am telling you
    nathalie> And yes gal [edited] is showing active on your account.
    Scott> you are telling me answers to things that are not the problem
    Scott> i know
    Scott> but go to the browser and try
    Scott> like all customers do
    Scott> it doesn't work
    nathalie> Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    Scott> do you not understand what i am saying
    nathalie> I understand completely and I've answered that question as well previously if you would review the session.
    Scott> i want you to make it so that when i go to that i can log in. you have not done this
    Scott> you have only told me the database shows active
    Chat connection closed.

    Is it so freakin' hard to get someone to actually fix what you are asking? This conversation took 45 min so they had plenty of time to try to figure out that they weren't answering what i was asking. Once they saw that I was telling them that they were not listening to what my issue is, shouldnt' they stop and re-evaluate what they believe the issue is?

    I'd go out of business if my support was like this.


    Sorry, had to get that off my chest.
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    nasty - reminds me of the time I had to talk to the support bots at MSN for a customer once. At least I knew they weren't real people, but it was painful and frustrating nonetheless.

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    I do have to add though that their phone support so far has been great. Just the chat support sux.
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