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    For hire - Business and Account Manager, etc.

    I am selling my services to any web hosting company or any other form of internet business. I have over 10 years experience in the hosting industry and ecommerce. I have owned my LLC since 1999 before selling my shares to my partner in early 2004. I am skilled in billing, technical support for cPanel based servers, website management, etc.

    I am looking for work for anyone that would require it. I will take salary, commission or exchange. Please note, I won't work exclusively except for salary based positions but I will not work in a similar field for commission or exchanged based jobs (i.e. if I am working commission for a web hosting company, I wont accept another commission based job for a web hosting business but another type of business)

    I put my whole heart and soul to whichever company wishes to employ me. I give 110% to everything that I do and I strive for nothing but success. Please PM me or reply here with your interest and we'll get in touch. Having an IM client of sorts is a plus but not required.

    For salary based positions, I am flexible and willing to work within your needs so long as payment is consistent.

    I am also offering forum posting services, under multiple nicknames, with prices starting at $5 per 100 posts.

    A resume and references will be provided upon request.

    Thanks in advance.

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