I am trying to relaunch my hosting company after a few years of painfully just existing and not really working it.

First, a brief explanation about myself and my company. I run Escaped Internet Services, LLC and am looking at a few options here.

1. I can bring my resources to another company and help that company grow with the resources I would have to offer. This would mean I would drop the escaped name.

2. Grow what is basically a new company from the beginning.

I would prefer to toss onto the table what I have to offer and see if anyone is interested.

As of this post, my website is currently offline as I am working on setting up a new server.

What I have to offer.

* Knowledge. I am working towards my MBA and will be finished within a year.

* 7 years as a Network / System administrator. I have experience with anything from Windows to Solaris and pretty much ever Linux distro in between.

* Assets:
- Core2Quad 2.83 / 8GB RAM / 1TB space (Located at Atjeu)
- cPanel / WHM
- WHMCS Owned / License Removal license
- Modernbill License
- IPB License
- Fileman License (Gossamer Threads Fileman-- dates back to my pre-cpanel days.)

As far as billing, I have a 2checkout account, but that's the extent of what I have currently. I used to have a merchant account and authorize.net, but not currently.

What would I want if I was to restart the company?

The answer here ranges. That would be up to an individual discussion, based on what direction I'm going.

If you are interested, email dustin81 AT gmail.com -- I may not be available on MSN until after 5:20pm Arizona time so email is the best bet during the day.

Thank you.