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    need VPS with cheap additional IPs


    i need VPS (CPU/HDD/Memory/Traffic irrelevant) with /25 or /26 block of additional IPs

    i am ready to pay

    VPS + /25 - up to 120$ / month
    VPS + /26 - up to 80$ / month

    also i need good uptime.

    Can you help me to find a host?

    PS: i was using before (VPS - 40$, /25 - 50$ - but it was really terrible)

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    Could you let us know why do you need /25 or /26 block of additional IPs ? - WHUK :: Leader in Web Hosting since 2001
    cPanel Hosting | Windows Hosting | Reseller Hosting | Hyper-V VPS | Cloud Hosting
    Dedicated Servers in UK by WHUK - Fully Managed UK dedicated servers with 24x7x365 Support.

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    Yeah burst usually is =)What are your other specifications etc ram / space

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    What are your needs as far as server resources go?

    Also, since the hosting providers here cannot directly make you offers, I would recommend having a look at the VPS offers forum. There are many reputable offers over there that might fit your needs.

    Good luck in your VPS search.

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    That's a heck of a lot of IP's. You're going to have to have some pretty good justification for wanting up to 126 IPs.

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    Yeah especially finding a vps provider that can offer you that many ips i belive 128 is max per server ? somthing like that. :| & A single SuperVPS or Virtuozzo-based server can have a maximum of 64 IP addresses,

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    please specify the type of vps. windows or linux.

    You will need to have some sort of justification for the IP addresses. I suggest you engage a few providers to see if they can fit your needs

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    a /25 of IPv4's is actually quite a bit for a single VPS, You'd need proper justification which abides by ARIN rules.

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