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    Need a new Host. Is Pinellashosting good?

    The reason for my asking is that I am really tired of my current web hosting provider. I have really nightmare experience with it because of the downtime. I am waiting for long hours when their support will answer all my questions and solve the problem.
    Do you think guys that can be a good place for me. It happened so that their web hosting plans met all my needs and I wanna know about sings of reliability of this web hosting provider.
    How is their support services? Has anyone ever used their services before?

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    I have never heard of them before, how did you find them?

    The pricing looks very realistic, if not a tad over priced at least. Which *could* be a good sign of a decent host. Their domain name has been registered since 2004, but there is very little info about them on the net aka google.

    Have you tried contacting sale / support and see how quickly they respond?

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    I have never heard of them myself. Their prices seem fair.

    Your best bet for finding a new host is to search this site, look in the offers section, then search for reveiws on the company, see how they post/respond on these forums, this will give you an idea of their manner.

    When you have shortlisted some possible hosts, send off some questions to their sales and you can then use the information to narrow your list down. Don't forget, it's not just what they say in their email, you can get a lot of other information from it as well, like how well it was written, the 'tone' used etc.

    Then, if you are still not sure which one to choose, come back and ask for feedback.
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    Thanks for your useful inputs. The thing is that I have found this company on and decided to ask you about it.

    Any other standpoints towards this company?

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    If you have not tried a search yet there is a review I can find out regarding them.

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