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    [PHP] Shortening Text from DB


    I have a database that runs the news for a website, this includes HTML such as <b>, <i>, <u>

    However I need to make the text shorter to 255 letters and add ... but take of ending of words.

    But I cant get my script to do it!

    Here is that I have....

    PHP Code:

    $desc trim(substr($desc0256));
    $len strlen($desc) -1;
    $x strpos($desc'<'); 
    $x !== false && $x $len$len $x;
    $desc[$len] != ".")
    $len 20 && ord($desc[$len]) != 32$len--;
    $desc trim(substr($desc0$len)) . "...";

    Please help asap
    Streama - Your WordPress Friend

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    A function like the one below should do the job, but if you dont strip the tags, you might get unexpected results because of improperly closed/open tags.
    PHP Code:
    function short_txt($str,$char){
    $str strip_tags($str);
    $str ereg_replace("[\r\t\n\"]"," ",$str);
    $str =substr($str0$char);
    $str  substr($str,0,strrpos($str ," "));

    $desc $row["post_content"];

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