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    i need a VPS to run a software which takes gud amount of RAM and needs 1GB space and 50GB bandwidth.which one shud i go with.i am new to VPS and my budget is 25$.i will go with the best price and which has no downtime.

    i heard a lot of complaints about that true?i never expereinced any of them pls tell me which one to choose.

    vpsland or directspace or zanyhost?????

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    ...what complaints you heard about vpsland?

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    i heard their support is bad and always their there will be dowtime like.vps is not available for 5 or 10hours.i saw this kind of posts many places

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    Do the simple search for their reviews to make sure
    ASPnix Web Hosting - ASP.NET, MS SQL, AJAX, Hyper-V
    Microsoft Hosting and Virtualization

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    i need advice from people who have experienced this sites.

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    can some one reply here with good information???

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    ...I am a VPSLAND customer & I will reply soon after I email thread

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