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    Appraisal and Advice for my Domain Name?

    Alrighty... I took the stab...

    I just registered

    macclient (com)
    truetorrents (com)

    Mac Client
    Google Adwords says: 201,000 global searches per month.
    There's something like remote desktop for Macs and Windows dealing with this domain keyword...
    Or it can actually be a "mac client..." like a customer?

    True Torrents
    Google Adwords says: 2,400 global searches per month.
    ^ I know that one doesn't get much. I thought it would make a good brandable name... I hope.
    Maybe it can be developed into some kind of torrent site that promotes "true" torrents that are clean and work properly? I don't know.

    They are newly registered so there is no traffic yet.
    I'm new to this so bear with me...


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    Pretty good domain names, if you develop them they should be worth quite a few $$$.

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    Thank you! I appreciate the feedback.
    Anyone else?

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    Agree, good domains now make something with them.

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    Brandable domain names, may be you should develop them or try putting it up for sale and see how much offer you would get

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