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    Reputed Dedicated hosting Provider Opinion needed

    I am using ThePlanet currently and looking to switch. I was wondering if someone can provide me list of all Provider who are market leader in providing Dedicated hosting servers.

    Below are the criteria
    1) Should have their own datacenter
    2) Should be in business over 5 Years
    3) Should have fair to big size company
    4) Good Support
    5) Competative price
    6) Anything else I may have forgotton...You got the point..

    Please provide your opinion....Your opinion is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Can you please specify what type of server your looking for and also how much bandwidth you require?
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    1) Dual Processor (XEON OR Higher)
    2) 2GB RAM (More is a Plus)
    3) 2 - 50 GB SATA OR SCSI hard Drive
    4) 1000 GB Bandwith (100 MBPS)
    5) Windows 2008 Web 64 Bit Edition OS
    6) "SHARED" SQL Server 2008 with 1GB Space. Must be reliable server.

    Above are my min. requirement and anything above is a Plus. My budget is $175/month

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    That is a pretty tight budget, you may want to consider increasing it, especially if you want a good DC.

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    There are a lot of places out there that will work within a budget to get you what you are looking for. Also, going with a plan that is month to month will help you to easily adjust your package when it's needed.
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