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    Does a Reseller Host make sense for this?

    I host multiple domains with multiple hosts (shared and VPS) and run servers, but the reselling thing is new to me.

    Here's the situation: we (an educational group) want to act as a host for students in our IT programs. When they enter the program they would purchase a domain name and we would host it. They would use this as their primary home throughout the program-- learning web development, use of their control panel, etc-- and then (presumably) transfer their domain name somewhere else when they leave.

    We wouldn't be charging the students. I think we'd want them to procure their domain name with a separate DNS service. Some students would, in advanced classes, act as administrators for the reselling system.

    This seems to me like a reseller situation, just one in which no clients are charged, but I wanted to make sure this seemed like the right way to go?

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    yeah, this will be fine on a reseller plan - you'll be able to give them their own control panels, have them work on their own thing without worrying about anyone's files overlapping another person's. Definitely a lot better than shared and a good way to go if you don't want to spend the cost of VPS.

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    You should get a VPS for this with a control panel (like Directadmin, Cpanel etc.) and a provision system like WHMCS to keep track of customers, domains etc.

    Please do not try to use a reseller/shared server to upload development sites - it will cause problem to actual live sites.
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    +1 for a VPS with cPanel or DirectAdmin. Find a provider that offers reseller accounts as well and they can likely get you a cheap WHMCS or ClientExec license to manage all of the account information.

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