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    Exclamation urgent: Site Down, Name Servers not resolving. Client about to have my head.

    Hi guys,

    Long story short - I recently tried to move a clients site to a new VPS. Something went totally arse up with the DNS (I don't know what), but some people still couldn't load the site 2 days later.

    Anyway, the client was going to have my head so I moved everything back to the old VPS so we could get it working again.

    I changed the ip's of the host records for the name servers back to their old IPs, but instead of returning to how everything was, the site is now not loading for people at all.

    People cannot resolve the name servers, cannot resolve the site, and I'm going to be in deep crap if I don't get this sorted ASAP.

    The thing is that some DNS servers can see it, but others are reporting that the site does not exist. This isn't just an issue of slow DNS servers (if it was, people would just see the old server). It is reporting that it cannot exist at all.


    Does anyone have any ideas? Can anyone help at all?

    P.S. I know that having the site and ns1 on the same ip is generally bad, but this is back on the original server where this was always the case and it was working.

    Save me WHT, you're my only hope.


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    What are you TTLs set to? I usually run all my records at 400. If you have 14400 or higher, the changes can take a while to fully propigate. <<snipped>>
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    It looks like you've mixed up the IPs for your nameservers. Check to make sure that the local nameservers have the same info as the parent servers at registrar.

    Any particular reason you did a 301 redirect for www?

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    The TTL is set to 86400.

    I just contacted the server host and they noticed that NS1 & NS2 were both configured as .82 on the server. This has now been corrected, but the issue still remains.

    The 301 was placed there by the old admin to redirect all traffic to 'non www'. I believe that this was done for SEO purposes.


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    Anyone got a suggestion as to why some ISPs (TGP & Internode mainly) can't find this?

    Is it just a replication issue or could it be something more?

    Is there any way to speed things up?

    The client in jumping down my throat. :-(

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    Perhaps their dns servers haven't updated, or client side has not updated. How do you know that they cannot find you?

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    The A record has a 4 hour TTL, so it should, only take 4 hours to propagate.

    Check the SOA (yyyymmddxx) , it may be they won't update the zone as the new soa is lower than their current cached one. Incrementing the soa number to relate to todays date/change number may give their dns servers a kick. Other than that, hope that they need to restart their name servers sometime soon.

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    This is how one site sees the dns right now:
    managed dns global failover and load balance (gslb)
    uptime report for

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    Hi guys,

    I got this sorted earlier today. Meant to get back here a few hours ago, but the day went from crazy to mental. lol.

    @StevenG - this actually kicked a few of the remaining ISP's into gear. tyvm :-)

    @plumsauce - dude, that's an A+ link there. Frigging awesome. Didn't know about that site. Thanks mate.

    After doing everything I could from the server's perspective to speed things along, I actually resorted to calling the affected ISPs to get them to force an update.

    Now, before you say 'wtf, you did what?!', you should know...

    It worked ^.^


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    You could also used OpenDns if anything goes wrong with your name servers. Just go through

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    Quote Originally Posted by sysgallery View Post
    You could also used OpenDns if anything goes wrong with your name servers. Just go through

    opendns is a cache, they do not offer authoritative dns services.


    intodns is one of the first places to go when investigating dns.

    if someone works diligently at getting all greens from their reports, they will have zero problems. there are other sites, but it's the best one for a quick overview of what's happening.
    managed dns global failover and load balance (gslb)
    uptime report for

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