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    * Small Xen VPS Company for sale

    Monthly: $244.65 USD (7)
    Est. Annual: $2935.8 USD

    $288 for the server
    $30 for an off-site VPS to run our company website
    $25 for Ubersmith

    The server is prepaid through the 30th of September. All questions will be answered via PM's. I want these clients to go to a well established company that will treat them with care.

    Please PM all offers.

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    We are highly interested in this company pending details. PM has been sent.
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    Hello there,

    Can you please tell us more information on these clients?

    What specification Plans are they on?
    What type of hardware do you use?
    Where is the datacenter located?
    Are all accounts active?
    How do payments come through?
    Do you have any domains, If yes how many?

    Thank you

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    Interested. PM sent.
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    I am interested as well.
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    Hey there,

    We're very interested! PM Sent for more information!

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    Hi there,
    I realise I'm a little late on a reply but is this business still for sale?

    If so, could you please provide some more details on the vps plans you offer, the server specs the accounts are hosted on and the overall resources used at the moment.

    We're very interested and wait to hear from you.
    Note that my opinions are my own, in no way do they represent the company I work for

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    Would be great to know if this is still for sale.



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