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    2 Reseller Accounts With Same Domain Name

    I'll be offering my clients hosting accounts in the UK or US

    I have set child name servers at the registry as:

    ns1/2 are pointing at my US server
    ns3/4 are pointing at my UK server

    The problem is with my website
    I have the master on my US server with the domain pointing at ns1/2. A ping, for some reason, is resolving the domain at my UK server ns3/4

    I guess the problem is in the DNS settings on the UK server, basically the on UK server is redundant and only used for clients to point their domains at.

    Can someone explain this, thanks

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    Without more information it's difficult to say.

    How is your DNS configured exactly? Are they all clustered? Can you give us some more idea on your infrastructure?

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    From the limited information provided, it appears that your added a zone for to the and name servers with a different IP address. If that is the case, and you queried the name servers, there is a possibility that the information got cached. You may want to try a ping using an external source to isolate the problem.

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    Thanks for your replies.

    It seems resolves to the the intended ns1/2 server, but resolves to the ns3/4 server eg. www,ftp,webdisk,whm etc.

    No the servers are not clustered and I have configured how avelinux mentioned.

    update: I've just run a ipconfig /flushdns and all seems fine now, even so, have I completed the correct procedure regarding setting up the servers, could I add another server with same domain and create ns5/6 nameservers?
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