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    quotes not showing correctly

    I'm doing some design, and wondering why my quotes aren't showing up:

    We are certified to perform specialty electrical work and can �pull permits� in the State of Florida and reciprocal states. VBNet has the tools, experience and team to support getting cabling work installed, terminated and tested � efficiently, economically, and right.

    Anyone know? I copied from the old website and pasted into my new one. I didn't use a <pre>

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    It might be related to charset. What charset have you used in old website? What charset is used in new site?

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    Are you using &quote; or just using the quote symbols on your keyboard (") ?

    You'll have to use the &quote; tag especially if you're looking to get valid code. Although really even if you did just add " it should still show up. It more than likely is a charset problem - can you copy/paste the charset you've got between your <head> and </head> tags?
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