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    Geographic Round Robin

    Does anyone know a simple way to handle Geo Round robin. The client will be directed to the closest content server based on geographic location?

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    Either find a DNS provider with this service, or set it up yourself, though the latter isn't as simple.
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    If you want to set it up yourself, look into PowerDNS with the Geo backend. Google it for info/guides.

    Note: I haven't tried doing this with PowerDNS myself, but I've thought about the same issue and PowerDNS is probably the cheapest & relatively easy solution. Afaiki Wikipedia uses (or used) it too.

    Alternatively you could use some GeoIP lookup (through PHP for example) on your main site and redirect users to subdomains (ie:, etc). That's not the prettiest solution though, but it saves you from setting up your own DNS servers.
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    That's not what Round Robin is. You may want to check services like Akamai

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