Offer still going strong, grab a bargain today in a 2(n+1) datacenter with Internap FCP routing, and TopLayer filtering.

Hardware is completely dedicated, only the I/O is shared, but it is still above a regular SATA RAID setup, and offers more redundancy than your typical server.

Dell Poweredge, brand new hardware.
Nehalem E5504 Quad Core (2.0GHz per core)
250GB iSCSI Storage
100mbps public network connection, or 1000mbps
10TB Bandwidth
5 IPs
CentOS 5 or Windows 2008 Web Edition ( more distributions are available )
199 USD per month, unmanaged

Extra 10TB of Bandwidth: 200$ ( 2 cents per GB ).

Contact us for any software needs, as we can surely help you out with cPanel, Plesk, SQL Licensing, different Linux distros and Windows editions.

Dedicated Servers brochure:

There is a thin layer of virtualization on every server powered by Citrix Xenserver, which allows us to manage storage and to migrate you quickly to another machine if there is some hardware disaster, thus providing you with high availability, and offering more uptime than most providers.

Each server is connected via 2x 1gbps iSCSI connections to the SAN which is running SA-SCSI drives in a RAID-5 setup. We are using this method, because we understand clients need RAID, and they are often bothered by the high price of setting up something more advanced than RAID-1. This setup will be faster than regular SATA-II drives and much more redundant.

Managed services are available with 24/7 service monitoring and response including initial server security setup as well as clustering and more advanced setups, just contact us for pricing.

Some info about the datacenter:

Located in Asheville NC, the datacenter is SAS 70 Type II certified, with 2(N+1) power and cooling redundancy; the datacenter is also fully staffed 24/7 and built to the highest standards.

The network is composed of several multi 10GigE links to providers like AT&T, Level(3), WBS Connect, PPCW Global, Global Crossing, TW Telecom, Qwest and more. The network is route optimized using Internap FCP, and protected from malicious attacks with TopLayer products.
Speedtest: . Test IP:

Should you have any questions, contact sales [at] 478east (dot) com. If you're feeling sales isn't technical enough for your questions, give me a PM here and we can chat things over, should you have any doubts.

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