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    [UK] 50% OFF First Invoice - Non-Oversold VPS's - SolusVM Panel - 128MB+

    ZXVPS Presents to you.

    All VPS's are powered by OpenVZ backed with SolusVM, giving you secure access to control your VPS, from Starting and Stopping to checking your bandwidth and CPU usage.

    Additional Bandwidth, Ram, Hard Disk upgrades available, no need to upgrade the whole package for one resource.

    • Quad Core Xeons
    • Multiple Gig's of Ram
    • Raid Protected Sata Drives
    • 100MB Conectivity on Gigabit BackBones
    • UK Located
    • Branded Hardware

    What you get?
    • Unmanaged VPS*
    • SolusVM Secure Panel
    • Non Oversold Resources
    • Full Access to your VPS
    • Free Instant OS reinstalls
    • Private White listed Ip's
    • 100% UK Hosted on Tier 3 Bandwidth
    • Custom OS Templates created for free on Request

    *However will do our best to help you with issues with your VPS however will not install 3rd party scripts fully e.t.c

    Test IP: (Maidenhead, Berkshire)
    Test Download:

    Discount Code : "50off" (Valid till September 30th 2009)

    The above discount code gives you a one time invoice discount of 50%, this can be an Invoice for your first Month or an Invoice for your first year!



    Disk Space: 5GB
    Bandwidth: 100GB
    Dedicated Ram: 128MB
    Burstable Ram: 256MB
    Dedicated IP: 1

    4.99/Month (2.49 First Month with Discount)
    24.95/Semi-Annually (12.47 First 3 Months with Discount)
    49.90/Annually (24.95 Half Price First Year!)

    Order Securely Now


    Disk Space: 10GB
    Bandwidth: 200GB
    Dedicated Ram: 256MB
    Burstable Ram: 512MB
    Dedicated IP: 2

    9.99/Month (4.99 First Month with Discount)
    49.95/Semi-Annually (24.97 First 3 Months with Discount)
    99.90/Annually (49.95 Half Price First Year!))

    Order Securely Now


    Disk Space: 20GB
    Bandwidth: 400GB
    Dedicated Ram: 512MB
    Burstable Ram: 1024MB
    Dedicated IP: 2

    17.99/Month (8.99 First Month with Discount)
    89.95/Semi-Annually (44.97 First 3 Months with Discount)
    179.90/Annually (89.95 Half Price First Year!))

    Order Securely Now


    Disk Space: 35GB
    Bandwidth: 600GB
    Dedicated Ram: 768MB
    Burstable Ram: 1536MB
    Dedicated IP: 2

    22.99/Month (11.49 First Month with Discount)
    114.95/Semi-Annually (57.47 First 3 Months with Discount)
    229.90/Annually (114.95 Half Price First Year!)

    Order Securely Now


    Disk Space: 50GB
    Bandwidth: 850GB
    Dedicated Ram: 1024MB
    Burstable Ram: 2048MB
    Dedicated IP: 2

    26.99/Month (13.49 First Month with Discount)
    134.95/Semi-Annually (67.47 First 3 Months with Discount)
    269.90/Annually (134.95 Half Price First Year!)

    Order Securely Now


    Extra IP's 0.50 per IP
    Extra Disk Space 1.50 per 5GB
    Extra Bandwidth 1.00 per 10GB

    Available Control Panels
    Webmin FREE
    Direct Admin 6.00
    cPanel 11.00
    cPanel + Fantastico 13.00

    OS Available?
    • CentOS 5.x
    • Fedora 10.x
    • Debian 5.x
    • Gentoo 10.x

    What can I not do on my VPS?

    You can not do any of the following:
    • Warez Hosting
    • Warez Linking
    • Child/Adult Pornography
    • Torrents
    • No IRC Servers without contacting support
    • Following Term's and Conditions here

    Contact [email protected] with any questions.
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    Correction to the above should be "100% UK Hosted on Tier 1 and 2 Bandwidth".

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