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    Arrow ampere values in ground connections of servers

    Whats the upper dangerous limit of ampere at ground connections for servers?

    IBM and HP servers has ground connection of electricity.
    So ground connection never stands in 0 value it has some + ampere and i would like to know whats the dangerous or maximum limit of ampere in ground connection.

    Thank you to who might gonna interested to reply.
    And i hope i asked in correct forum.

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    There should be very little to no current going over the ground line. It is there only in case something goes wrong (lightening, short, ect) and should not conduct current under normal situation.
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    There should be none. Ground tension (voltage) is supposed to be zero. If it is not, or you are facing an issue with the ground itself (not too much grounded, or with some resistance forming) or, as FastServ said, there is a short circuit somewhere or some abnormal electricity discharge happening in the circuits.

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