FSCKVPS - Because we are actually decent

Why choose fsckvps over every other company offering cheap VPS hosting?

We are stable with 4+ year of parent trading

We know what we are doing and have been doing VPS servers for
longer than some companies on here have been trading

Our servers are on a no BS unmanaged plan. We give you root, you get on with it. Everything else is down to you but we pass this along in savings

We are cool. Well I think we are but we do try. Anyway on with the goodness of our hosting plans

Where are we hosting? Colo4Dallas, Atlanta and Pacificrack

Where are the special coupons? We've been doing coupons to establish a decent user base. We've now reached that goal and we think the quality of the offering coupled with the low prices means its a total steal

FSCK VPS is ready to take your order

OpenVZ environment

Plan 512MB:
512Mb RAM, 1024Mb Burst
20GB Disk Space
400GB Transfer

$9.95/month - Order

Plan 1GB:
1024Mb RAM, 2048Mb Burst
50GB Disk Space
850GB Transfer

$19.90/month - Order

Plan 2GB:
2048Mb RAM, 4096Mb Burst
80GB Disk Space
1500GB Transfer

$38.90/month - Order

Plan 4GB:
4096Mb RAM, 8192Mb Burst
150GB Disk Space
2500GB Transfer

$64.90/month - Order

We are also now ISO9001 Certified