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    Arrow See what your techs are doing on your servers live in your browser.

    Ezeelogin V2 with live streaming SSH logs!

    The ultimate SSH gateway software which gives you full control and absolute peace of mind!

    New features in V2 include:

    • Key based authentication for SSH (Enhance security by disabling password based authentication. SSH gateway system users still cannot ssh to your servers without your Ezeelogin security code)
    • Multiple mExec lists (Manage multiple servers more easily!)
    • User access control to web panel features (Complete control!)
    • View SSH logs live via web panel
    • Multiple IPs for servers
    • Concurrency control for mExec (High speed parallel shell, still server friendly)
    • New revamped core with lesser dependencies and better efficiency and speed
    • Easy backup, restore and migration
    • History in mExec shell (Parallel shell more closer to regular shell)

    and many more...

    Now grab free licenses for upto 5 servers!

    Get your copy today from and change the way your servers are administered.
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