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    Separate hard drives?

    I'm curious on peoples opinion on this issue.

    Let's say I have a server with 6 hard drives for vps hosting. If I had a really disk intensive server would it be better to separate them and say use three raid1 partitions or would it be better to use 1 large raid10? I'm wondering if heavy disk I/o on one raid1 would affect another.

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    raid 10 will write much faster than raid 1 since the data would be split up to multiple disks, rather than mirrored (written twice) onto two disks, as would be the case for raid 1.

    Read speed will vary depending on your controller.

    I would choose raid 10.

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    If you're doing multiple RAID-1 on the same RAID controller, you wouldn't be gaining any performance. RAID-10 would give you better performance. But it would be a different story If you used several RAID-1 with a different controller for each pair of HDs.

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    Depending on the controller, RAID 10 is simpler, RAID1 could be faster/independent and more reliable (from OS point of view too).
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    which partition is the most disk IO intensive? you should seperate this in its own RAID cluster (raid 10) for a 6 disk setup and I have say a DB located in /var

    i would create a RAID1 for / /usr /home swap; then a 4 disk RAID10 for /var swap. In a linux environment seperating /usr and /usr/lib in different disk also has speed benefits.

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    thx for sharing the tip here, got the picture now..
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