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    Parallels / Virtuozzo - Did the sales team vanish?

    For the past 3 weeks I've been trying to get Parallels to contact me about purchasing one of their products (Virtuozzo). I was told 2.5~3 weeks ago I would get a call back. Waited 2 weeks (they were moving their sales team apparently?). Called back again. Said they would call me back the same day in a few hours... that was 3 days ago (on Friday).

    Is this on par for Parallels? (I mean if they don't want to sell a product anymore they should just get rid of their sales team...)

    Does anyone else have any opinions/comments/suggestions on how to get them to sell a product to me?

    3 weeks and waiting

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    A lot of big businesses are this way, in my experience. If you're a small-ish provider they just don't care that much about securing your business.

    Your best bet is to keep bugging them; they're like government employees . . . if it becomes more of a hassle to ignore you than to just do their job they will pay attention. If you don't bug them then you are just another number, probably out of their minds in an hour.

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    It took them about 744 hours to get back to me in regards to more information for some of their workstation products. My guess they call everyone back that requests more information about their products which is probably a really long list. They guy I talked to was very nice and knowledgeable about the product and the technical questions I asked him.

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    Hopefully, it will get better over time; but yes, this is how Parallels has been operating their business for the past several years.

    Thank you.
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    I spoke to Chad on the sales line and he was blunt and honest.

    The Sales team for Virtuozzo is undergoing serious changes right now and the can't find their way out of a wet paper bag.

    We looked at Virtuozzo and decided against them at this point due to the re-structuring and lack of willingness in wanting to get back to people.

    If you wanted licenses for Virtuozzo - leases them off their site.

    In the end - we opted for XenServer 5.x

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    We continue to hope Parallels will get it one day that customers and prospective customers must come first.

    Their version of PROACTIVE communication, as just one example, is sending out change of support phone numbers towards the end of the very day the number changed.

    Granted, that was better than in the past when they would make changes and you wouldn't know until something failed and then called. Then you would get the, "didn't you read the KB article?" (i.e. read the memo).

    They do have some good products, but they need to learn to be responsive and proactive.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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